The Science of C3

At Apellis, we advance courageous science to deliver life-changing medicines across a broad range of serious diseases. Our world-class researchers have studied complement for over 20 years and are leading the field in targeted C3 therapies.

The Complement Cascade

The complement cascade, or complement, is part of the immune system that defends the body against infection. When functioning normally, its role is to recognize and eliminate pathogens and damaged cells.

However, when complement is overactivated, it can attack and destroy healthy cells and tissue, leading to a broad range of serious diseases.

Targeting C3

Controlling complement begins at C3, the central protein of the complement cascade.

C3 is the only target in the cascade that addresses all three activation pathways that can initiate and drive disease. Targeting C3 may therefore offer comprehensive control of diseases with high unmet need that are driven by excessive complement activation.

Our programs across rare, retinal, and neurological diseases are further exploring what is possible by targeting C3.