Apellis Corporate Social Media Community Guidelines

At Apellis, we combine courageous science and compassion to develop life-changing medicines for some of the most challenging diseases patients face.  Our social media channels serve as a global platform to share key updates on our company news, our dedicated team, and the ongoing evolution of our company. We welcome thoughtful engagement with the content posted on our social channels, but ask that you please follow these guidelines when engaging with us.  In addition to these guidelines, the Apellis Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy apply to your engagement with our social media channels.

Due to the highly regulated industry in which we operate, our social media activities are somewhat restricted, and we cannot guarantee responses to comments or direct messages.

To maintain a respectful, inclusive, and constructive community, we kindly request refraining from:

  • Mentioning or discussing products (approved or investigational) developed by Apellis or any other company
  • Discussing possible side effects, adverse events or product complaints for any pharmaceutical product, including Apellis products
  • Using defamatory language, profanity or content that is offensive, abusive, or discriminatory in nature (including images, videos, and links)
  • Providing health or medical advice
  • Disclosing proprietary, confidential, sensitive, or nonpublic information
  • Making misleading, false or unsupported claims
  • Discussing off-topic subjects, making excessive redundant comments, or engaging in spam messages
  • Promoting products or services unrelated to Apellis

Please be aware that failure to respect these guidelines may result in posts being hidden or removed, and in some instances, blocking users from engaging with our social media channels. There may be additional scenarios not outlined above which will lead us to take action, including but not limited to, removing posts and/or blocking users. We will do our best to update these guidelines if this occurs, however we reserve the right to remove content or block users at our sole discretion.

Additionally, please do not use Apellis social media channels to report adverse events, side effects, or product complaints. Any posts containing this information may need to be removed due to legal obligations concerning drug safety reporting. If you believe that you have experienced any side effects or reactions from an Apellis product, you should consult your healthcare professional immediately. You can also report side effects, adverse events and product complaints related to Apellis products to us directly by using the following contact information: call 1-833-866-3346 or send an email to medinfo@apellis.com.

We are not responsible for content not generated by Apellis. All comments posted to our social media must comply with applicable industry regulations, and we do not verify, approve, represent or endorse any content that is not our own. We are also not responsible or liable in any way for content not generated by Apellis, as such content is the responsibility of the content generator.

Social media engagement by Apellis (e.g., follows, shares, likes, replies) does not imply endorsement of all activities and views expressed through those accounts. The views expressed by users do not necessarily reflect those of Apellis.

Apellis reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion and without notice. Your use of Apellis social media channels following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these guidelines as changed. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to connecting with you!