Grants and Giving Requirements

Apellis strives to ensure our interactions with independent organizations and the provision of financial support are in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, industry codes and guidelines, and Apellis policy.

Apellis does not provide grants and giving support:

  • To an individual
  • To any physician or physician practice or group or affiliate thereof
  • On behalf of any customer, patient, or other individual
  • For consulting services rendered by a healthcare professional
  • To institutions or groups, including organizations or their employees, named on a debarment or exclusion list

Aligned Mission
The requesting organization’s mission must be aligned with Apellis’ corporate vision and values. For healthcare charitable contributions, grants, and sponsorships, the requesting organization’s mission must also be aligned to Apellis’ scientific and medical areas of interest. Non-healthcare-related donations do not need to be aligned with Apellis’ scientific and medical areas of interest.

Apellis will not offer or provide grants and giving support that would interfere with or be perceived to interfere with the independence of the recipient organization. Interactions between Apellis and requesting organizations will focus on the medical and scientific, business, public policy, or corporate philanthropy endeavors of the requested support. Apellis will not use its grants and giving support to promote its products or request that an organization promote Apellis products. Apellis encourages organizations to gain support from multiple supporters and will not request that Apellis be the sole supporter of any organization or program.

Apellis will not provide grants and giving support as a means or method to influence the registration, review, or approval of Apellis products in any country, nor to create a favorable formulary or reimbursement decision, nor to reward past, present, or future prescribing or recommendation of Apellis products, nor to influence or directly support the development of clinical practice guidelines.

Letter of Agreement
Grants and giving support provided by Apellis will be clearly acknowledged and documented in a written agreement between Apellis and the organization.

Standards of Conduct
When interacting with non-profit organizations, Apellis follows its Code of Business Code and Ethics and expects organizations to adhere to their own standards of conduct.

Gifts and Entertainment
Gifts, entertainment, or recreational activities are never to be provided to or accepted from organizations.

Apellis will not provide grants and giving support to organizations for the purpose of purchasing equipment or other capital items or for capital investments.

Supporting Documentation
Organizations requesting grants and giving support are required, as applicable, to provide information about their organization, including but not limited to: 501(c)(3) form, W9/W8, and accreditation certification.

Change of Scope
If the scope of an approved program/activity changes, organizations must submit to Apellis the changes in advance of the start date. Apellis will review the Change of Scope and assess whether grants and giving support for the activity should continue.

Within 90 days of the program/activity end date, recipient organizations must complete a reconciliation confirming receipt of funds and attesting that they were used for the purposes described in the Letter of Agreement. The reconciliation will be assessed against the approved use of funding and an organization’s failure to appropriately submit a reconciliation by the due date may delay or prohibit future grants and giving support.

Post-Event Contributions and Donations
Apellis will not provide grants and giving support for programs/activities after the start date has passed.