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Federico Grossi

Federico Grossi, M.D./Ph.D.


Dr. Grossi was Potentia Pharmaceuticals’ Clinical Research Director when he joined Apellis as the new company’s Clinical Research Director in 2010. Dr. Grossi received his medical degree from the University of Cordoba in Argentina and his Doctorate’s Degree in Physiology from the University of Louisville. Following his post graduate training in surgery, Dr. Grossi joined the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory at the University of Louisville where he developed his expertise in microsurgery and composite tissue transplantation. He was a crucial member of the Louisville Face Transplant Team, which has published several manuscripts on the ethical and psychological aspect of face transplantation that are now considered hallmark publications in this field. He has also published numerous articles in the fields of ischemic preconditioning and composite tissue allotransplantation.
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