Jeffrey Eisele, PHD, Local Chronic Program Lead

Jeffrey Eisele, PHD


Jeffrey Eisele, PhD, joined Apellis in September 2020 and is responsible for overseeing Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs, as well as the late-stage development and commercialization of our geographic atrophy program. Jeff brings over 25 years of global experience working at Novartis and Alcon Pharmaceuticals as well as deep expertise in ophthalmology. Prior to Apellis, Jeff was Vice President, Global Biostatistics Head, Neuroscience and Ophthalmology Development Units at Novartis. He has successfully contributed to the design, execution, and approval of several products across a broad spectrum of disease areas, and his experience spans across Biostatistics, Clinical Development, Information Technology, Clinical Operations, and Biometrics. Jeff holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from The George Washington University, and a MA and PhD in Statistics from the University of Michigan. He also completed postdoctoral research funded by the National Eye Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Biostatistics.