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Gabriel J. Coscas

Gabriel J. Coscas, MD.

MD. Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology. University of Paris XII, France

Dr. Gabriel Coscas is an internationally recognized authority on diseases of the retina and their treatment. Dr. Gabriel Coscas was trained at University of Paris. He established the Department of Ophthalmology in 1970 in Créteil (University Paris XII) and served as Professor of Ophthalmology and Chairman until 1999. President of French Retina Society, he devoted most of his activity on macular diseases. He organized the first randomised clinical trial on macular photocoagulation for AMD in France (1977- 1982). In 1985, Dr. Coscas was Guest of Honor of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Dr. Coscas has been elected member of the Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis in 1988 and served as General Secretary since 1994 and as first Vice President since 2002. Dr. Coscas was a founding member of Academia Europea Ophthalmologica and served as First Vice President from 2005. He is also a founding member of Global Alliance against Trachoma at WHO.

He received many awards and lectures, including the Oxford Lecture and Award, 1990; the Jules Stein (1992) and the Michaelson (1995) Lecture and Award; Lecturer Nara, Japan, 1995; the Award of Merit of the Retina Research Foundation, at the Jules Gonin Club meeting, in Bern in 1996; the JDM. Gass Medal at the Macula Society (1996); the Tunisian Ophthalmological Society Gold Medal (1995); the Mediterranean Ophthalmological Society Gold Medal and Award 1998; the Jules François Lecture in Paris 2001; the Gold Medal of the Algerian Society of Ophthalmology (2005 the Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis Lecture, Jerusalem; the Gold Medal of the Algerian Society of Ophthalmology (2005); the Euretina Lecture in Barcelona, in 2007, and the Arnall Patz Medal , at the Macula Society meeting in Jerusalem, 2012. He was elected Honor Member of Club Jules Gonin, (1998) and Honor Member of La Société Française d’Ophtalmologie (1998); and Honor Member of Instituto Barraquer in Barcelona, 2002. He was honored as first recipient of the “Gabriel COSCAS Lecture” 2001, founded in Rome and of the “Gabriel Coscas Lecture” and Award, founded in Paris – Macula Meeting 2002. A “Gabriel Coscas Price” for excellence in research in retina has been established in 2008. Gabriel Coscas was elevated to the dignity of “Commandeur de la Légion d’honneur” in April 2007 by the French President.

Research/Clinical Interests
Professor Coscas has devoted most of his efforts to the study of retinal disorders, particularly diseases of the macula, and has pioneered new diagnostic techniques including fluorescein and indocyanin angiography as well as groundbreaking therapies such as laser treatment for neovascularization.