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All full time employees are eligible for all benefits immediately upon their first day of employment.

Health Insurance

Apellis offers two health insurance plans and covers the full premium for either of those plans, whether the coverage is for an individual or an entire family. The first plan is a standard PPO with co-pays and a very low deductible, the second is a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) coupled with a health-saving account (HSA). For employees that elect to participate in the HDHP plan, Apellis will contribute to the employee’s HSA on top of covering the premium.


Apellis offers a 401k plan. Employees can contribute in either a traditional 401k plan or a ROTH 401k. Apellis will match 50% of the employee contribution, with a cap of 5% of the employee’s salary, vested over time.

Paid-Time-Off (PTO)

Employees accrue 20 days of paid time-off every year, which combines both vacation and sick days, with a portion of unused paid time-off at the end of a calendar year rolling-over to the next year.

Long-term disability/accidental death & dismemberment/life Insurance (LTD/ADD/LI)

Apellis offers free LTD/ADD/LI insurance to its employees and covers the full premium for this insurance.


Employees that need to relocate in the context of their employment by Apellis might benefit from an allowance to cover some of the relocation costs.

Stock Option Plan

Employees might also be eligible to participate in Apellis’ stock option plan.

Apellis Pharmaceuticals is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for any of our open opportunities please send a cover note and your resume to: careers@apellis.com.